Phuket trains people about Trafficking of Persons

On March 15th, 2010, Jiranan Jiamcharoebn, Head of Phuket Temporary Shelter for Children and Families, presided over the training about Trafficking of Persons  Prevention. There were lots of people attending the training including teachers from many schools in Phuket and officers from local administrative organizations who work against trafficking.

Jiranan said that the situation of human trafficking during this time is getting more serious. The people at risk are unemployed children or youth who can be easily swayed. Therefore, it’s important that the government hold the training to educate them, and people around them, not to be the victims of human trafficking.

In Phuket, most of the trafficking targets are laborers from neighboring countries who were baited to work in Phuket. In addition, there are rising cases of violated children; most of the victims are half-bred boys.


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