Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation held 3rd anniversary of its home for children

On June 27th 2010, at Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation (PSVF), Suphachai Ponukul, the Muang District Officer of Phuket, together with Dr. Supaluck Kanjanamethakul, the President of PSVF, presided over the opening of the PSVF’s 3rd anniversary event for their resident orphans and needy children. There were a lot of event sponsors (including Indigo Pearl hotel who donated Baht 616,000) and honorable guests joining the event and performances by  the children in PSVF. Suphachai also handed over money to support the foundation’s work. The event sponsors were given certificates for supporting the foundation.

Dr. Suphalak said that PSVF was founded by Lions Club Phuket Andaman Sea, French Red Cross, and Phuket Childwatch charity. The foundation aims to provide a residence for orphans and needy children as well as children who were victims of disasters or violence and homeless children.

Now, there are 94 children aged 2 – 18 years old residing at PSVF. All the children are warmly taken care of in Thai family ways. Once the children reach the age of 18 years old, it’s their right to decide whether they want to stay at PSVF or go out and live their own lives. Some chose to stay at PSVF, so the foundation supports them in their non – formal education. Moreover, it’s glad that some of these children graduate and come back to look after the younger children at the foundation.


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