Reporters denounced grenade bomb left at ASTV Phuket

On May 12th 2010, Peerarong Ponpramul – President of Phuket Reporters Club;  Prasert Fuengfoo – Head of ASTV and Manager Newspaper in Phuket; and members of Phuket Reporters Club, visited Wichai Praisa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket, to present a written denunciation against people who placed a grenade bomb outside ASTV office in the morning of the same day.

All reporters felt that the event was a serious threat against media and caused a bad image of Phuket. Consequently, they asked the governor to assign related officers to

  1. Provide security for all ASTV staff and other reporters
  2. Conclude the case within 7 days
  3. They also asked that government officers should not express their opinions through the media before the case is concluded, since it might cause bad images of Phuket
  4. The Phuket Reporters Club also denounced any people who were related to the event and asked them to stop ruining Phuket’s image.

Smith Palawatwichai, a Vice Governor of Phuket, mentioned that it was a very serious case since the found bomb could not have legally belonged to any normal public citizens. He further stressed that the related officers must find out who was behind this case.

Question for readers : Do you think the bomb will frighten away reporters, residents & tourists from Phuket?


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  • dear sir or mdm, if u want to attract more oversea invester to go phuket to invest or re-tirement, you must make sure their safety, u must have (iron law) and you can study singapore law-nobody dare to protest or own a gun (death sentence)or knife here, if the lengh had reach 30cm long and carry it on the street for fighting, he will get at least 3-5years in jail, (hope this comment is not offence to u). I personal love Thailand thank u,jonathan


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