PCM gives money to elders and AIDS patients in Phuket

On April 7th, 2010, at Phuket City Municipality Elderly Club, Somjai Suwansupapana, the mayor of Phuket City Municipality (PCM) presided over the presentation ceremony of money to poor elderly and AIDS patient in Phuket.

These people will receive 500 baht a month in money from PCM. The presentation ceremony will be held 2 times a year. The elderly or AIDS patients who want to get the money must be residing in the PCM area and bring their ID Cards and census registration and make a request at PCM office.

Then PCM officers will visit their houses to see if they are really poor and need some money. The PCM officers will show for 15 days the list of people who are due the money, and if nobody opposes the list, the officers will send the list to PCM executive for approval before giving money to people in the list later.


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