Patong Mayor confirms the tunnel survey is in progress

patong tunnel Pian Keesin, the Mayor of Patong Municipality, said “From the survey of the possibility of the Patong tunnel construction, the alternative 2 places where the tunnel would start from is the Go-Kart field through Nak Kerd Mountain and pass Pisitkoranee Road to connect to the first main road of Patong City. The road and tunnel length would be 1,165 meters.

Now the project is undergoing an engineering survey which will take about 3months. Then the result of the study will be proposed to the Ministry of Transportation. The estimated budget for this project is approximately 5,000-6,000 million baht. Either the government itself or a company from China or Korea is interested in investing in the project.

For the land expropriation rate, the road side land’s rate is 80 million baht per Rai. The land in the side street’s rate is 10-20 million baht per Rai.


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