Patong Mayor discussed Patong road & tunnel construction project

Patong road & tunnel

Pian Keesin, the Mayor of Patong City Municipality, said that the municipality had realized that the main  road leading to Patong from Kathu, which was steep and winding, had been causing 400-500 accidents a year. Therefore it was vital to find to better solution to connect Patong and Kathu areas.

One of the possible solutions was to build the tunnel connecting the two areas, with a consulting firm hired for 39 million baht to study the project. However, the project was not agreeable to some villagers who might be affected by the tunnel construction. The Mayor said the municipality had not yet decided whether the tunnel would be the right solution to solve the problem & which route it would take.

There had to be further study into the project’s side effects and other possible solutions. The municipality would choose the solution that least affected the villagers’ lifestyles. He further added that there was no need to worry about the expropriation rate since the municipality would use the appropriate land price in Patong to expropriate the land from the villagers.


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