Patong Municipality attends World Security Management Competition

patongChairat Sukhaban, the Deputy Mayor of Patong Municipality, said the municipality has been invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Tourism Association, and Southern Thai Hotel Association to attend the road show promoting Phuket tourism in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on March 22nd 2011.

The road-show mainly aims to reassure tourists from European countries that Patong is safe, after having been selected to be a city with outstanding prevention of tsunami, fire, flood, land slide, and traffic problems. Patong is also proposed to be a candidate in The World Security Management Competition.

Chairat added the protests in Egypt, Morocco, and Libya has made Phuket a more popular destination for Arabian tourist. He estimated there would be 60-70% of tourist in Patong during this coming low season. However, events like Phuket Bike Week on April 8th-10th 2011 will attract more people to the area.


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