Paklok LAO set 55 million baht budget for development in year 2010

2 November 2009 – Athipong Kongnam Chief Executive of Paklok Sub-district Administrative Organisation said Paklok LAO wants to encourage community’s strength trying to support many occupation groups for example batik cloths making group, shrimp paste group, handicraft group etc. Still, use vocational training and sports to help keep Paklok’s youth away from drugs.

Chief Executive Athipong revealed that due to the better economic in Paklok, the LAO can collect 8 million baht more than the expected revenue which was set at 43 million baht in the year 2009. For the year 2010, Paklok LAO targeted at 55 million baht to spend for the development focusing in the infrastructure, education, social and environment.


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