Phuket entrepreneurs register to join ‘OTOP Best Selection’

On June 30th 2010, at Thavorn Grand Plaza Phuket Hotel, Niwit Aroonrat, a Vice Governor of Phuket, presided over the grand opening of the project called ‘Phuket’s Thailand OTOP Best Selection 2010’. Those present at the ceremony were related government officers and the entrepreneurs who registered to join the project.

Somsak Songnui, the Provincial Development Officer, said that ‘Phuket’s Thailand OTOP Best Selection 2010’ was held to collect data for the OTOP entrepreneurs database and to manage OTOP products development (1 – 5 stars) which was useful to set up OTOP product development and supporting systems. The project is held every 2 years. The criteria used to select the best products were:

  1. The product had to be exportable
  2. The product had to be manufactured continuously and remain at same quality
  3. The product had to be good quality and satisfactory for consumers
  4. The origin/source of product must be explained.

Somsak added that all the products had to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Community’s Product Standard, Industrial Product Standard, or Halal. In Phuket, 536 products were registered to join the selection: 184 were food products; 19 were beverage products; 161 were clothes; 119 were equipment and decorating items; while 53 were inedible herb products.


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