OTOP Entrepreneurs in Phuket trained in multimedia production

On July 16th 2010, at the meeting room of Phuket Vocational Collage, Tossaporn Thepabutr, one of the Phuket’s members of the House of Representatives, presided over the opening of training held to train OTOP entrepreneurs in Phuket to promote their products via multimedia.

The training sessions were about art and artistic composition creating, multimedia pictures, photography, programs and menus used in product photography, workshops, VDO production, sound production, printed media creating, graphic work, website production, and multimedia production.

All sessions were taught in compatible ways to Phuket local culture and lifestyle to make the media express the best out of OTOP products derived from local wisdom. Moreover, www.shopotop.net was started to be another channel for the entrepreneurs to promote their products as well.


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