Thai NSB and U.S.A’s DEA established ‘Operation Hot Spot project’ B

Operation Hot SpotRepresentatives from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) of Thailand, U.S.A. Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) of USA, Third Naval Area Command (Phuket), Phuket Provincial and Patong Municipality gave a joint statement about the establishment of a project called ‘Operation Hot Spot’. This project provides channels for people who want to report clues about drug trading, money laundering and terrorism in Phuket via or calling DEA’s Bangkok office  (02)2054444.

The project also provides information about drug trading and money laundering and gives pictures of wanted drug traders on pens, matches, and other items, to guide people and tourists in Phuket about drug trading and money laundering. The information on the items is translated into 10 languages. The items were given to tourists in the area of Soi Bangla, Patong Beach and there was positive feedback from the tourists. The items will later be distributed in other parts of the island as well.

Mr.Joseph Reagan, the representatives from the DEA Thailand office, said this project has arisen from the concept that officers could suppress drug trading, money laundering, and terrorism better with the participation of tourists and local residents. There were many drug traders caught with information provided by residents or tourist.

The ‘Operation Hot Spot’ project has been launched in areas with a high risk of drug trading, money laundering, and terrorism, such as Chiang Mai Province, Soi Nana in Bangkok, Pattaya in Chonburi Province, and Phuket Province.


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