New Phuket Governor Announced

New Phuket Governor Announced

New Phuket Governor Announced
Nisit Jansomwong

Earlier today, 21st September 12014, it was announced that the current Governor of Phuket Maitree Intrusud was being promoted to a higher position with the Interior Ministry. It has been reported that he will take up the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary within the ministry.

In view of this move, it was announced this afternoon that Nisit Jansomwong would be replacing Khun Maitree as Phuket Governor within the next two weeks. Khun Nisit was previously governor of Ratchaburi province.

Nisit Jansomwong’s education & career record

Date of Birth: 24 September 1962
Insignia Class: (M.w.m.).
Marital status: Married with family

Bachelor of Political Science and Governance (Hons 1 gold), Chulalongkorn University
Master of Science Administration (Hons excellent), Chulalongkorn University

Curriculum development and elected political level (in the UK). 4th 2013
Administration of Justice Program senior (I Thes.) 3rd edition 2011
Defence College Private Sector (Class.) Class of 2010
Politics and Governance in Democratic Systems for Executives (Eng.) Class 11 2008
Course Hero Class 41 1996
91, 1988 version of bailiff course

Key government positions
2 June 2003 – Personnel in the planning and development systems staffing division
2 Oct 2003 – Policy and Planning
18 Feb 2005 – Development strategies and management systems
18 Oct 2006 – Director of strategic development and monitoring policies
2 Oct 2008 – Director of the Office of Policy and Planning
16 Oct 2009 – Deputy Governor of Samut Prakan.
16 Feb 2010 – Deputy Director of the Community Development Department
30 Nov 2011 – Director B. Eng. Council
2 Apr 2012 – Management consultant and provincial integrated (cord.).
25 June 2012 – Deputy Director of the Women’s National Empowerment Fund
17 Oct 2012 – Interior Ministry
2 Oct 2013 – Governor of Ratchaburi


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