National minimum wage may increase 5 baht, Phuket’s wage may increase by 10 baht


On November 11th 2010, Sunan Phothong, the Deputy Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Labor and Chairman of Wage Consideration Sub Committee, said that it had been proposed that in 2011 there could be 26 provinces getting an increase of 5 more baht in the minimum wage rule.  Phuket’s wage could increase 10 baht to 214 baht.

The provinces nearby Bangkok could get 7 baht more to 213 baht. However, a labor network asked the Prime Minister about a promise to increase wages to 250 baht.  The minimum wage Sub committee used the inflation in each area as criteria for increases. The Bank of Thailand estimated inflation in the next year would be about 4%.

Translated from Thai source: Kom Chad Luek

(According to another report, on Friday the Central Wage Committee postponed a decision on a proposed hike to the minimum wage pending another study..)


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