Nantinee Kerdwongbandit is honored for an outstanding social mother of Phuket

To uphold the dignity of Her Majesty the Queen and to appreciate the generosity of the mother, five names of an outstanding mother was picked up by province as the nominees to receive the national award in mother’s day. The award was classified into 5 categories. Those are, Farming Mother, Self-sacrificing Mother, Social Mother, Industrious Mother, and Mother to Social Devotee.

Phuket chose Mrs Nantinee Kerdwongbandit to be Phuket’s outstanding mother in social mother category. Mrs Nantinee Kerdwongbandit together with the other 4 nominees namely Mrs Tuanjai Saengsema, Mrs Wilit Prateep na Thalang, Mrs Bung-orn Suwannakarn, Mrs Nipapan Jitanurak, were given an award shield from the province on August 28, 2009.


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