Joint Baba weddings to be held in Phuket

phuket baba

Only 18 couples are invited to have their wedding in a Phuket traditional style of Baba-Peranakan. The wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place on August 14-15th in Phuket. The event is co-hosted by the Tourism Authorityof Thailand, Phuket office, the Peranakan Association of Phuket, The Office of Phuket City and the Phuket Tourist Association. The 39,000 Baht wedding package covers wedding costumes, accommodation, ceremonial event, gifts for bride and groom and honeymoon package.

The event was announced at the new Blue Elephant restaurant called ‘Governor’s Mansion’ on Krabi road in the city with activities on two days. On August 14th, a cocktail reception will be held with a band at the Hongyok mansion on Thepkasartri Road. Ticket costs 200 baht and can be purchased at the Peranakan Association. On August 15th, the wedding ceremony will be held during 8-11 am starting with a procession of bride and grooms in traditional costumes. The TAT expects that the event would spice up tourism during the green season and that more families of the couples would visit the island.

Source: NBT TV


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