Italian Ambassador and Phuket Governor discuss Tsunami warning system

February 22nd, 2010 –  H.E.Michelangelo Pipan, the Ambassador of Italy, and the Honorary consul of Italy in Phuket, visited Wichai Praisa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket, to discuss about the tsunami alarm and rescue plans which can assure Italian tourists of their safety while travelling in Phuket.

Wichai said that the ambassador and he discussed about the tsunami evacuation and rescue system. He informed the ambassador that the alarm buoys in the Andaman Sea and India Ocean had been improved and are ready to send alarms when a tsunami occurs.

In addition, he informed the ambassador about CCTV installations which help the police in monitoring any crimes occurring around the island. He also mentioned that Thailand’s political problems would not affect any tourism activities in Phuket.

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