Public Health Minister checks Iodine distribution booth in Phuket International Airport

Iodine distribution
On March 21st 2011, Mr.Jurin Laksanawisit, the Minister of Public Health, and his team went to Phuket International Airport to talk to people who were going to Japan and to check the Iodine distribution booth in the airport. From March 17th 2011, there have been 71 passengers going to Japan, one of them was Thai, one was American, and the rest of them were Japanese. All passengers were given Iodine tablets before flying to the risky areas in Japan.

It was confirmed there were 268 passengers from Japan who had arrived at Suwanbhumi International Airport. All of them were free from radioactivity. Meanwhile, there were 102 passengers departing to the safe areas of Japan, they were not given the iodine tablets. The ministry also checked 31 items of food imported from Japan, 3 vegetables and 28 seafood items. There was no radioactivity found in these items. The ministry will keep checking food imported from Japan until the radioactivity situation there stabilises. In addition, the ministry also sent 2 medical assistant teams to help people in Japan.


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