Phuket Post Office holds ‘International Letter Writing Week 2010’

International Letter Writing Week 2010

On August 4th  2010, Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, a Vice Governor of Phuket, presided over the opening ceremony of ‘International Letter Writing Week 2010’ being held at Phuket Wittayalai School on August 4th – 8th 2010. The event was held by Phuket Post Office in order to show and promote the benefits of communication by letters. There were many activities in the event such as writing free postcards to the King, making stamps from individual pictures, writing letters to friends, families, and loved ones, with game booths, karaoke contests, postal souvenir booths, and a Thai postal history exhibition.

Somchai Aomsabsin, Head of Post Office Region 8, said that the event was held to commemorate the Universal Postal Convention which was first established on October 9th 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. The convention was the base of the postal system today. Later in 1957, at the 14th International Postal Union Conference held in Ottawa, Canada, 96 members of the union, including Thailand, agreed to encourage people in their country to communicate by writing letters. Consequently, the union members began to hold an ‘International Letter Writing Week’ in their countries every year. The event is often held during the week of October 9th when the union was first established.


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