I love Thailand Cycling Project Arrives Phuket

February 2nd , 2010, Tri Akraradecha, the Vice Governor of Phuket, opened the cycling project “I love Thailand”. The project opening was held in the area of Phuket City Hall and there were the founder of the project, Net Sanguansat, the PPAO President, Piboon Upatising and members of Phuket Cycling for Health Club attend the event.

Net Sanguansat, the 66 year – old founder of the project said that he began to ride a bicycle to work instead of use the mass transportation since 1981. He said that it can help reducing the time traveling to work and it generated him a good health. Therefore when he retired from his work, he still cycles his bicycle to many tourist places and finally found this project by began cycling from Bangkok on September 2nd, 2009 to 73 provinces nationwide in 179 days with the distance of 8,666 kilometers.

Apart from supporting be people to be healthy by cycling, Net also wants to share his 28 years cycling experience to people in the province he rides to. Once Net and his team reached Phuket, he was warmly welcomed by the local administrative organization officers who helped him to share his experience traveling by bicycle and how cycling is good for everyone’s health. Then his team together with Phuket Cycling for Health club ride to 9 holy places around Phuket. After departing Phuket, Net and his team will continue their travel to Phang Nga and the project will be finished at Supanburi on March 7th, 2010 before be officially closed in Bangkok.


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    Hi This is a excellent website and found the entry interesting,this will my events especially when im working out,cycling is the sport and no wonder why it has expanded in the last 20 years.


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