Honorary Consuls ask Phuket to solve unfair rates by Tuk Tuk taxi drivers

In the 2nd discussion between Honorary Consuls or their representatives from 17 countries including Britain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc. and local government officers, plus private sector representatives, the Honorary Consuls asked Phuket provincial government to solve the problem about unfair or high transportation rates by Tuk Tuks and illegal taxis in Phuket.

Mr. Dirk Naumann, the Honorary Consul of Germany in Phuket, asked the Phuket government about the measures used to manage unreasonable rates requested by Tuk Tuk, illegal taxi and motorbike taxi drivers in Phuket. He commented that the high rates of Tuk Tuks must be caused by the vehicle sub-leasing rates that were higher than other provinces; therefore the government should begin to solve the problem from this point. Smith Palawatwichai, a Vice Governor of Phuket, said that in the short term, the province had assigned related officials to determine the rates of Tuk Tuks and other local transport operators. In the long term, the province had requested the Department of Land Transportation to announce that all Tuk Tuks in Phuket must install meters to calculate transportation fees.

In addition, Paiboon Upattising, the President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization or PPAO, asked all Honorary Consuls to tell people in their countries that Phuket was safe and ready to welcome tourists as always.


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