HMAS Sirius to dock at Ao Makam during 2-6 October 2009

30 November 2009 – HMAS Sirius Commander John Cowan, RAN visited Phuket Governor Wichai Praisa-ngob due to HMAS Sirius will dock at Ao Makam during 2-6 October 2009
The governor reviled that this is our good opportunity to recreate relationship between Phuket and Australia. On the other hand, it will boost up Phuket tourism in Australian eyes and it’s our chance to delete bad images.

There will be about 3,000 AUS Navy sailors scheduled to dock at Phuket after the USS Ronald Reagan had visited Phuket last week, and brought millions cash flow during their stay.
As well Phuket provincial reminds everyone not to take advantage of the sailors. If we give them good impressions, they will keep telling good things about Phuket. That’s what we should do.


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    The largest US Navy ship and contingent ever to visit Phuket disembarked at the Deep Sea Port for a 5 day stay.
    On Tuesday, members of the media including NBT were invited to see and go aboard the huge aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, over 1000 feet long and 20 stories tall, moored in Ao Makham Bay alongside 2 other US navy ships, the USS Chancellorsville and USS Gridley, with another USS Howard on the way here, bringing about 6-7,000 sailors to visit Phuket until this weekend. On board the huge ship, which was named after the former President of the United States and costing 140 billion baht to build, with many more to equip with over 80 aircraft inside and on the flight deck, there were also 2 Thai-born sailors, Tanan Tangpradabkul, 20 years old and Joe Chotiwat Makaratad, 40, working in the ship and visiting Phuket for the 1st time. The ship even has its own newspaper and TV station. A press conference was given by Rear Admiral Scott Hebner, Commander of Carrier Strike Group Seven, based on USS Ronald Reagan. He talked about this Phuket visit being their favourite stop, their goodwill-generating community service projects, and described to us this largest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier & his other ships and joint training with the Royal Thai Navy: *** voice

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