PPAO gives certificate to Halal food entrepreneurs in Phuket

Halal food entrepreneurs in Phuket On June 24th 2011 at 9.00 p.m. Mr.Paiboon Upatising, the President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization or PPAO presided over the opening of Phuket Halal International Forum and Andaman Muslim Expo 2011.

There were the executives and staff of PPAO and honorable guests attended the event included the representatives of the Chief of the Muslims in Thailand, the members of the Islamic Committee of Thailand, the members of Phuket Islamic Committee, the ambassadors from Muslim countries, and the residents from Phuket and nearby provinces.

Halal food entrepreneurs in Phuket Phuket Andaman Halal Festival is held under the cooperation of PPAO, The Office of the Chief of Muslim in Thailand, The Islamic Committee of Thailand, Phuket Islamic Committee, local government and private sectors in Phuket. It aims to promote Halal products industry in Thailand. The festival includes the seminar about Halal product industry held on June 22nd – 24th 2011 at Phuket Grace Land Hotel. There were 30 Halal certifying organizations from 18 countries attended the seminar.

Then the product exhibition is held on June 24th-25th 2011 in the area of the Central Stage, Saphan Hin Park, Phuket. In addition, there are 1,900 million Muslims around the world. The muslims consume only Halal products. Those products have to be Halal guaranteed by the reliable organizations. In Thailand, the only organization that is working on this matter is the Islamic Committee of Thailand. In addition, there are a lot of Muslim tourists coming to Phuket each year. These tourists prefer the Halal food and service. Mr.Paiboon Upatising, the President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO) realized this fact. Therefore, PPAO support the entrepreneurs to provide Halal products and services for the group of tourists.


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