Government to hasten ‘country’s restoration’ after protests finish

Anchalee Wanich Thepabutr, the Deputy Secretary General to the Prime Minister of Thailand, said that the P.M. would not give up working for Thailand and he had strong intentions to restore the country’sstability and continue the reconciliation plan after the protests finished

She mentioned that the P.M. set up committees to solve different problems concerned with the situation in Bangkok, especially helping people or businesses affected by the protests. The P.M. also assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to publicize the truth to other countries preventing misunderstanding as well. She added that the protests leaders would be prosecuted and asked people to watch if there’s anything unusual happening in their community and if so, call government officers.

Anchalee commented that news broadcasting by press & other kinds of media must be reviewed because there was a lot of distorted news or information from mass media given to people during the protests.

Question for readers:
Do you feel confident in the country’s future stability?


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