Government approved 158 MB through 15 projects in Andaman coast

17 December 2009 – at Phuket city hall conference room (new building) The Phuket vice Mayor Tree Akaradecha acted a president Conference Committee (Chairman) of the Provincial Integrated Group. Southern Andaman coast provinces volume 5th / 2009 on budget allocations on the annual plan of the provincial government. Southern Andaman coast. Annual Fiscal Year 2010 by the Head of Government of Southern Andaman coast. In Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong and Trang, as well as relevant agencies to participate.

The Vice Mayor Tree Akaradecha said that the Southern Province Andaman coast plan to follow the provincial government’s annual fiscal Year 2010 Annual Budget to provide for 31 projects with a budget of 331 million baht is determined by the provincial sector groups. South Andaman coast has been allocated budget. To operate the program of 15 projects representing a total budget of 158 million baht.

For group projects and 15 projects in Southern Andaman coast has been allocated from government budgets that Phuket has 4 project is a project to enhance service standards, monitoring health and safety group. Andaman provinces is geared towards the tourism hub of Asia, the maritime rescue center project provinces Southern Andaman coast. Incubator personnel in tourism industry and support services and crisis centers connected to the road transport sector under the Province and the Andaman coast provinces, Phang Nga 2 project is education and the value added of the eco-tourism. Tourism Center Project information marine and coastal conservation groups Province. South Andaman.

The project consists of 5 Krabi programmes potential competition health services. Marine pollution monitoring program. Database development groups Province. Palm oil project schools. OTOP product development to a product recall of the province. The Ranong Province. Approved projects to promote and develop tourism products, herbal health Trang development potential OTOP products including Office Management Strategy Group Southern Province Andaman coast. Approved projects integrating tourism industry to the Andaman zero. Middle-class world travel on a strong base of community based on the concept of sufficiency economy and project cost management integrated provinces.


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