Open Day for registration of foreign worker in Phuket expected to have at least 30,000 people


One Stop Service CenterOpen Day “One Stop Service Center” is a facility set up for foreign workers to register in Phuket. It is expected that at least 1,000 employees and at least 30,000 workers will visit the center from now until July 14.

June 15th was the first day of open registration of Burmese, Laos and Cambodian migrant workers at a One Stop Service Center within the National Blood Service Region, Phuket. Employers who have the desire to use foreign workers in Phuket need to register a request to hire a foreign worker. They should submit the document of registration along with the foreigner’s work history.

The center will be open ever day until the July 14, 2011, including public holidays. However, it will be closed on July 2 and 3, the day before and the day of Thailand’s General Election.

Noppadon Ployyoodee of the Department of Employment – Phuket, said that after submitting the registration documents the employers have to submit the required documents for an ID number at the district office or the local registration office. Now, we are unable to issue ID numbers in one place as we need the use of the computer systems. The employers should then take steps to make appointments for the foreign workers to have health check ups and take out medical insurance.

Noppadon said the policy will allow workers from Burma, Laos and Cambodia temporary stay and allow them to work in The Kingdom of Thailand whilst awaiting their ID numbers.


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