Phuket holds follow up meeting on Chalong Pier Administration

Phuket holds follow up meeting on Chalong Pier Administration

Phuket holds follow up meeting on Chalong Pier AdministrationOn October 16, 2013, PPAO Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Paiboon Upattising chaired a meeting to follow up on the progress of Chalong Yacht Pier administration (check points and control of yachts). Joining him at the meeting were: PPAO Vice Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Chawalit Na Nakhon, General Administration Officer and Director of PPAO Logistics Department – Mr. Prasit Yotharak, other involved sectors including Phuket Customs House, Immigration Office, Phuket Marine Office and Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA).

Mr. Paiboon said: “I would like to thank Phuket Marine Office, Immigration Office, Phuket Customs Office, and SIPA, who worked together to install an efficient boat tracking system. Special thanks also go to Phuket province that budgeted a fund of 15 million baht to develop this system. Presently, the system has been put in place, and I try to involve all concerned parties to take part in the operation of this system. Next year, we will allocate additional funds to this tracking program. Therefore, all boats arriving in Phuket, either yachts or tour boats, can all be monitored. This ‘One Stop Service’ will prove valuable for sailing boats docking or visiting Chalong Pier. PPAO will work hard to provide a work force and fund so that our community will benefit from this service. All offices involved will each play a part in looking after tourists and passengers coming in by boat. This development will make Phuket a veritable international city with equal status to cities like Lankawi, and Singapore.”

Phuket holds follow up meeting on Chalong Pier AdministrationMrs Nanthita Sirikup – Chief of Phuket Customs House, added “The ‘One Stop Service’ system installed by Phuket Marine Office and PPAO will be most invaluable to the province where marine safety is concerned. Phuket Customs House has qualified and experienced officers ready for the job. I also believe that the information gathered through this system will provide safety for people and also controls for smuggled goods. Phuket Customs House has a division called Marine Police who will find the information on boats and goods useful for their work.”


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