Deputy Interior Minister plans to observe Phuket entertainment venues

9 November 2009 – Deputy Interior Minister Thavorn Senniam said with press after presiding over the grand opening of Phuket City Police coffee shop that he is planning another visit to Phuket for nightclub inspection.

Santika Pub case in Bangkok has  driven strict safety measures for entertainment venues especially in tourist destinations like Phuket. Deputy Interior Minister concerned about this. He has delivered policy to governors and related officials about safety regulations for pubs and bars months ago.

His inspection tour previuosly after the policy was given let he knows that there are some venues fail to follow the regulations. However, he was reported from Phuket Province that they have improved it continuously as governor and local administrative officers are watching over closely.

The deputy minister remind leaders to make sure that the operators strictly observe the law. He will arrange another visit in the near future.


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