Danish Accident Victim Needs Blood on Phuket


Danish man Johnny Boye Frendø needs blood after a traffic accident on Friday 11.  February. The blood type is type O negative.

The Dane was brought to the hospital with multiple fractures, wounds and internal bleedings. His situation is in danger because he has lack of blood, writes his friend Ecco Ravesloot in the following message:

It seems the hospital has a shortage of this blood group. On the moment his situation is very critical and might die because of lack of type O negative. If you have this blood group or you know somebody please donate you might save his life. If you don t know your blood group you can test it for free.

“Blood donations can be made in Phuket at the Vachira Hospital Blood Bank on the hospital’s 4th floor or through the Red Cross in Bangkok.”

Vachira Phuket Hospital Address: 353 Yaowarat Rd, Taladyai. Tel: 076-361 234. Fax: 076-211 155. Hotline: 1669. Email: info@vachiraphuket.go.th

Donors in Bangkok can go to any Red Cross or Hospital Blood Bank. There is one located at Chulalongkorn University.

Please call 0810 968 429 or  00 66 831 802 892  you can call me anytime. Please forward this message to anybody who think you can help.


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