Cyclone Committee Discusses Preventing Disaster in Region

February 15th ,2010, Angsumal Sunalai, the Director – General of Meteorological Department  , presided over the 37th Cyclone Committee Conference at Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa. There were Smith Palwatwichai, the Vice Governor of Phuket, Dr. Qamar-Uz-Maman Chaudhry, the Secretary to the committee and the committee members who are representatives from 8 countries joined the conference.

Angsumal recalled that the Cyclone Committee was found in 1973 under the patronage of World Meteorological Organization: WMO and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific : UNESCAP). The Commitee Secretariat is located in Pakistan. The committee missions are to analyze the effect of cyclones occurred in Bengal Bay and Arabian Sea, discuss the activities and measures used in meteorological and hydrology, and prepare the way to prevent disaster or reduce damage from disaster. For the 8 committee members joined the conference is Bangladesh, India, Sri lanka, Maldives, Burmar, Oman, Pakistan, and Thailand.  There’er also other officers from related organizations attended this conference.

Angsumal commented that, the conference help to enhance cooperation and capability in meteorological between the committee members especially in disaster aware and weather forecast.


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