Phuket Land Office train condominium project investors in Phuket

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On August 20th 2010, Phuket Provincial Land Office in association with Phuket Property Association hosted a training session called ‘How to establish a successful condominium project?’ The training was held to educate the entrepreneurs, as well as related government officers and consumers, in the buying process, condominium design, contractor recruitment, concerned laws, price estimations, ownership documents for condominiums, and the way to establish companies, committees or juristic persons.

Tanan Tanpaiboon, the President of Phuket Property Association, said that there were a lot of property projects, especially condominium projects, established in the recent 2-3 years. This caused some problems including law or legal problems and the criteria used in company/committee establishment and others. Meanwhile Paitoon Lertkrai revealed that some project investors still did not understand the process of contract making.

Therefore this training was held to make related people understand the process, laws and regulations concerned in condominium investment. Then, they could adapt the integrated knowledge they had got from the training into their projects, which would later benefit the perspective of property business in Phuket.

In addition, there were 3-4 complaints about condominium projects that collected payments from the customers when there was no progress in the construction. The land officers believed there would be increasing complaints of similar cases in the future. Consequently, they warned people who were about to buy a condominium to check the condominium projects’ background from the Land Office and Natural Resources & Environment Office well before buying.


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