Phuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the King

Phuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the King

Phuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the KingA team of government officials led by PPAO Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathomwattanapong took part in a public thrash cleanup activity, held at Sapan Hin Park on November 4. The event was presided over by Phuket Governor Nisit Chansomwong.

Considered a gift to the King, whose 87th birthday falls on December 5th this year, the event also aims to promote unity among government agencies, private sectors and the public at large, establish social discipline where cleanliness and thrash are concerned, and encourage the public to reduce litter and seriously consider recycling, all in the name of the environment. The cleanup also broadcasts the roles played by government offices, private businesses and local networks that campaign for the town cleanliness.

Phuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the KingThe event, entitled “Clean City, Happy People: (Muang Sa-ard Kon Nai Chart Meesuk), received support from many sectors including government, private, social network, students, hotel operators, tourism operators, traders, associations, clubs, vocational groups, housewives groups, village health volunteers, community leaders who all lent a hand. Altogether, 1,000 participants took part.
Phuket City Municipality was tasked with site preparation and looking after participants.

Phuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the KingGovernor Nisit commented that thrash has become a national problem because of the high amounts being disposed everyday, which could not be managed efficiently and hygienically. The NCPO and the government have declared 12 values to be exercised by all. A special consideration was given to refuse management in a Road Map issued on August 26, 2014, which stipulates:

1. A speedy thrash cleanup in all areas considered hazardous
2. Establish measures well suited to new incoming thrash by emphasizing sorting from source and reclying refuse into energy
3. Establish measures to deal with organic materials and hazardous thrash
4. Establish the public discipline in relation to a sustainable refuse management.

Phuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the KingPhuket holds trash clean-up to commemorate HM the KingAt the event Governor said “This cleanup activity is in line with the Phuket Authority’s beach cleanup program entitled “Cleanup Beach, Restore Reconciliation and Order”, which is being carried out continually on the well-known beaches of Phuket.”

The Governor expected that the Road Map will result in a better environment.

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