Chinese investors interested in light-rail project in Phuket

Light Rail Project
Light Rail Project in Foreign country

On August 2nd 2010, Rewat Areerob, one of Phuket’s Member of House of Representatives, led Chinese investors to visit Wichai Praisa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket. The investors were interested in a light-rail project which would connect Phuket City and Phuket International Airport. They asked the governor about the project’s details.

These investors were representatives of one of China’s leading road and rail system construction companies. There were more Chinese companies that were interested to get the contract of this project in Phuket. Therefore, they contacted Rewat to take them to visit the governor and talk about the project’s details.

Wichai, the Governor of Phuket, said that it was important that Phuket gets a modern transportation like the rail system because there were up to approx. 6 million visitors coming to the island every year. Moreover the island was presenting itself to be a host location for the 2020 World Expo. Therefore, it is necessary to provide good transport systems for international events in the future and solve traffic problems in Phuket.  Meanwhile, Rewat said that the representatives from the Chinese company would come back to Phuket to talk more about the possibility of the project again next month.


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