Chiang Mai Community Eco Products Trade Fair in Phuket

24 September 2009 – The Industrial Standards Institute (TSI) has a collaboration with Chiang Mai Industry Office to promote the certified community products of Chiang Mai by organising a trade fair in Phuket. The trade fair will be operated on a business-to-client basis as well as on a business-to-business basis to expand the northern handcraft industries to the southern markets.

The trade fair will be held at CFP Convention hall (1st floor, Central Festival Phuket) from September 24 – 28, 2009. In the fiar, meet standard local Thai handcraft products such as textile, fashion, herbal products, silverware, woodcraft, accessories and so much more from Chiang Mai province. This includes a unique Lanna’s food exhibition called “Kadmua”.

The opening ceremony is set to be at 6pm today.

The trade fair is sponsored by Thai Industrial Standards (TSI), Chiang Mai Industry Office and Phuket Industry Office.


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