Phuket to spend 69 million Baht on CCTVs

Phuket to spend 69 million Baht on CCTVs

Phuket to spend 69 million Baht on CCTVsTop provincial leaders met at Phuket Provincial Hall last week to discuss further expansion and improvement to the island’s network of CCTV security surveillance cameras, which is already the largest of its kind in the south of Thailand.

The meeting, chaired by Phuket Vice Governor – Chamroen Tipayapongtada, was also attended by Phuket Provincial Administration Organization President – Paiboon Upatising, fellow PPAO member – Thanatpat Thanirat, Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander – Pol Col Peerayuth Karajedi and representatives of other related agencies. All are members of a provincial committee set up to oversee and study in detail the island’s large and growing network of CCTV cameras – and to decide whether further expansion is needed to increase security and confidence for residents and tourists alike. The committee members also toured southern Thailand’s largest CCTV surveillance control centre, located a short walk away at the PPAO’s Tourism and Sports Department.

Phuket to spend 69 million Baht on CCTVs
Vice Governor Chamroen said that the provincial committee was set up to study the efficiency, effectiveness and integration of the island’s existing CCTV network in providing security, preventing crime and aiding in traffic control.

V/Gov Chamroen said that expanded CCTV surveillance fits nicely with Phuket Governor Nisit Jansomwong’s policy to take advantage of technological advances in the fight against crime, since it is impossible to provide round-the-clock police protection in all areas. He also thanked PPAO President Paiboon Upatising for establishing a “100 percent” effective integrated monitoring system that is so successful it has drawn the attention of safety committees from abroad who have come to study it.

Phuket to spend 69 million Baht on CCTVsThanks to ongoing efforts to integrate CCTV camera coverage from various departments and agencies, the PPAO surveillance centre can now monitor activity in approximately 380 locations in 19 local administrative districts across Phuket.

President Paiboon thanked the Tourism and Sports Ministry for providing 40 million baht in funding, which should see the network expand with a further 100 surveillance cameras by November. The PPAO has also agreed to oversee expansion of the network even further thanks to 29 million baht in additional funding from the Phuket Provincial Police, he added.

Phuket to spend 69 million Baht on CCTVsPol Col Peerayuth said the PPAO’s efforts to integrate the CCTV network on the island had been a remarkable help to the local law enforcement community, helping them not only to fight crime but also improve traffic flow and react more quickly in the event of emergencies. The result is that residents and tourists alike can enjoy a greater sense of security on the island, he said.


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