‘Believe in Phuket’, many ignore the island’s rumours

‘Believe in Phuket’, many ignore the island’s rumours

On April 28th Mr. Tri, Phuket’s governor, high ranking officials and many Phuket people joined the event ‘Ruampon Kon Rak Phuket’ or ‘Believe in Phuket’ at Sri Sunthon Thalang district, held in order to regain the confidence of people living in Phuket.

Sri Sunthon’s mayor Mr. Woravut mentioned “The quake on April 16th caused 525 houses to be affected. In react to this, we have inspected at least 300 houses and made plans for repairs.”

In the event ‘Believe in Phuket’ there was variety of activities and shows along with an about disasters, aimed at educating everyone on how to act should future incidents occur.


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