Behavior change camp for Phuket drug users

Phuket’s Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) held a 2010 Behavior Change Camp for Drug Users. The camp opening was presided over by Chaiwat Thepi, a Deputy Governor of Phuket.

Supang Chongthong, the policy analyzing officer and expert from PPPHO, said that there were lots of children and youths in Phuket using drugs. In 2009, there was a survey indicating that young people aged 18 – 24 years

and workers in Phuket mostly used amphetamine and marijuana. Some of them agreed to attend the therapy program provided by local hospitals and government clinics.

theTo solve drug problems continuously, in 2010 the government starts a project called Clean and Seal, and the camp is one part of the project. In Phuket there are 211 drug users attending the therapy program. These people will also join camp during March 19th – 23rd, 2010. The camp is located in Phuket Skill Development Center


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