PPAO discusses about Bang Niew Dum and Bang Wad Dams development

Bang Niew Dum and Bang Wad Dams

On September 19th 2011 at 10.00 a.m. Mr.Paiboon Upatising presided over the meeting to discuss about the plan to develop Bang Niew Dum and Bang Wad Dams to be the alternative tourist attractions in Phuket. The meeting was held in the meeting room of Kathu Municipality. There were the local representatives, the related government officers, and PPAO staff shared the idea in the meeting.

Mr.Manop Leelasuthanond, the Permanent Secretary to PPAO, said that the two dams were the important water resource in the island. Moreover, they had beautiful atmosphere which was not to difficult to be developed to be the new tourist attractions of the island. Therefore, PPAO had assigned Pisuth Technology Co.,Ltd to study the possibility to develop the two dam under the mentioned concept as well as design the recreational activities and facilities. In this meeting, PPAO invited the related parties to share the ideas on the dam development.

The comments and ideas from them would be used to create the final development plan. Mr.Paiboon said that PPAO intended to increase more green areas where people could spend their time to relax or to do recreational activities in Phuket. The two dam will be developed to be community tourist attraction under the concept of sustainable development.

The comments from every sector were worth to make the project successful. Mr.Songkrit Sapphakit, the representative from Pisuth Technology and Mr.Somluck Boonnarong, the project designer, presented the design of the recreational area and facilities in the two dam as following. The area in each dam will be divided into 4 parts. The first part is the service area including car park and recreational park. The second part of the are is the meeting and seminar area with the 200 seat capacity meeting hall. The third part of the area is the garden with the local plants. The fourth part of the dam will be develop to be the adventure park and health park.


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