Statistical people in Phuket for The Fifth Session of the Governing Council of SIAP

17 November 2009 – Yesterday at 10am, Director of National Statistical Office of Thailand, Mrs Jirawan Boonperm chaired The Fifth Session of the Governing Council of the Statistical institute for Asia and Pacific (SIAP), together with participants from 57 countries in Asia-Pacific region. The event being held at Club Andaman Beach Resort, Phuket, on 16 and 17 November 2009.

In the meeting, several reports and information will be shared for the meeting be to determine long-term plan for year 2010-2014 and work plan of the Institute for year 2010-2011.

For the strategy to develop statistical people, the institute focus on new statistics and data in ITC and Global Warming besides those involving economic and social development.


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