Phuket PAO Awarded for its Achievements

Phuket PAO Awarded for its Achievements

Phuket PAO Awarded for its AchievementsOn Saturday November 8th 2014, PPAO President Paiboon received a Prajadhipok award on behalf of Phuket Provincial Administration Office (PPAO), the award was conferred by Secretary of the Institute Prof Dr Bowornsak Uwanno at an award ceremony held at Prajadhipok Institute in Bangkok. The prestigious prize is an annual award for local administration offices nationwide. PPAO won this award for its achievements in the areas of transparency and the promotion of people participation. Prior to deciding on who should receive the award, a committee team from PI observed various PPAO projects at work including: Phuket Care, 10,000-bed Hospital in Phuket, Support for Community Emergency Workers, Seaside Mobile Clinics (Clinic Na Le) by PPAO Hospital, and Life Guard. The mission and vision of PPAO, under the motto “Operate with Dharma, Offering Quality Public Services, Driving Phuket towards being a Happy and Ethical City”, impressed the committee. The PPAO slogan “Transparency you can Trust” has won confidence of the public. Under this scheme, the public is informed of PPAO operations, which are open to public scrutiny. Furthermore, PPAO works focus principally on the people participation, a policy that it believes leads to the foundation of a strong community.

The qualities mentioned above can be seen through projects such as Phuket Care and 10,000-bed Hospital in Phuket. Under these schemes and working with the Phuket Public Health Office and village health volunteers, disabled and chronically ill patients are given the care they require through regular visits by a team of medical specialists as well as physiotherapists. The program enables the disabled to continue to maintain a quality of life and dignity.

The “Support for Community Emergency Workers” program is collaboration with all local sub-district administrative offices and/or municipalities. It aims to establish a network of emergency workers so that communities are well served in case of crisis. There are ambulance cars available at all SAO or municipality ready for emergency work. Ambulance medics, who are selected village volunteers, receive regular and proper trainings on rescue procedures. This scheme not only gives correct emergency care, but also encourages the people participation that would lead to strong and unified society.

“Seaside Mobile Clinics (Clinic Na Le)” Under this scheme, a team of doctors from PPAO Hospital regularly visits Community No 4, Ban Laem Tukkae in Tambon Rassada. Working closely with village health leaders and health volunteers, the team offers primary health screening and basic medical services as well as follow up on borderline patients predisposed to serious conditions. Records are made at each visit, and kept at the Hospital. The project maintains and improves health condition of the villagers through the provision of medical services. Additionally, the program creates exchanges of knowledge and keeps the authorities abreast of the real health conditions at the grassroots level.

The “Life Guard” project offers rescue and safety services to tourists and locals who use Phuket beaches. Under this scheme, PPAO, working with Phuket Lifeguard Association, offers funding towards trainings of lifeguards who are taught water rescue skills, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc. The program creates community knowledge and builds tourist confidence as well as instills a sense of community public service. It also helps with Phuket’s tourism profile, which in turn aids local economy.

The Prajadhipok Award reflects the hard work and commitment of all PPAO officials including its executives, Council members (who decide the allocation of funds for various projects), and staff. It must also be mentioned that the people participation is very important. Therefore, this award is for all the locals to be proud of.


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