A new tsunami detection buoy off Phuket’s Panwa bay this morning

ICT has succeeded provision two new tsunami detection buoys via e-auction on November 9th, 2009.

The new buoy off Phuket shore with Royal Thai Navy vessel MV Seafdec today morning (15 Dec 2009) at Panwa bay to be released near Nicobar Islands, India (9 00 N/89 00 E). While the old buoy will be collected back for maintenance.


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  • VDO at http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/previewnews2.php?news_id=1277 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2NhBOPf5f8


    A 47 million baht tsunami detection buoy is being installed in the Indian Ocean to replace the old one installed in December 2006.

    The ship taking a new DART 2 Tsunami detection buoy to deploy in the Indian Ocean near the Nicobar Island departed Phuket’s Cape Panwa on Monday with a mission to install the buoy within one week. This new sensor buoy is to replace the original buoys funded by the US government and installed in December 2006. The old ones will be brought back for maintenance as their batteries are dead. The new buoy is purchased under a Thai government fund of 47 million baht. The new buoys need to have their batteries replaced every two to three years. They can detect tremors from earthquakes with a Richter magnitude of four upwards and will transmit signals back to the control tower within five minutes every time they detect a tremor of more than five Richter. The buoys are made of high-density foam and can withstand tremendous pressure. They can detect changes under the sea and send back signals to the control tower within one minute of detecting an undersea change. There are plans to improve the buoys to make them report an earthquake within three minutes of detection in order to increase the time for evacuation of people since tsunamis usually reach the shore about 30 minutes after an earthquake occurs.

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