A new road paralleled to Thapkrasattri Road, to be real?

Phuket Governor Vichai Praisa-ngob said once in the meeting with sub-committee on public transport last week that the new road project to fix the traffic jam problem on Thapkrasattri road, is now on the draft and the public hearing process with the budget plan of the year 2010.

The first public hearing has been held already and it seems to get a good feedback from people and the land owners that the road has to pass. The officers are on effort to make people understand the land owners that how the project is all about.

If get the confirmation by the public hearing and pass the government approval, the new road will be constructed under the high voltage power lines paralleled to Thapkrasattri Road. The 21-kilometre will connect the airport and Phuket town. When finished the new road is believed to relieve current growing traffic congestion on Thapkrasattri Road.

Governor Vichai reiterated with Phuket Highway District who responsible for the detailing of the construction if possible to work it out before the deadline of 210 days. He also suggested to provide a link road between the new road and Thapkrasattri Road.


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