53 more CCTV cameras around Phuket town – a new year present from PPAO

Mr Paiboon Upattising and his followers on Jan 1st were at Phuket’s CCTV monitoring centre on the 4th floor of Phuket City Police Station to follow up city CCTV cameras  installation project advancement.

The Commander of the provincial police Pikad Tantipong together with other high-ranking police officers and an engineer from Advanced Information Technology PCL led the tour and gave an explanation.

The engineer, as well the representative of the AIT who wins the electronic bid for CCTV installation said the system has already complete and now waiting for delivery due on January  15, 2009.

53 more CCTV cameras will be installed at 53 points throughout Phuket town covering many important areas. This is part of the PPAO effort to improve peopl security and safety according to PPAO’s IT policy.

The President of PPAO also said there will be more cameras installed at other locations since PPAO aims to cover all important areas over the island in the future.


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