400 Million Budget to develop water plants in Phuket

400 Million Budget to develop water plants in Phuket

Mr. Pichai V. assistant manager of regional water supply in Phuket recently provided information regarding the development of water plants in Phuket saying “In this fiscal year, Provincial Water Works Authority (PWA) has allocated a budgetof 400 million baht to develop water filtration plant projects around Phuket Island.

The expansion of water filtration plant projects in Bang Neow Dum reservoir, Thalang are needed because each water plant can only operate 800 cubic meters per hour or 56,000 cubic meters per day. We plan to increase the operation to more than 800 cubic meters per hour. This is needed more in the north of the island to support the water use in the construction of Phuket International Airport and the Exhibition Center in Mai Khao.

Regarding the construction of a reservoir project in Chalong, the Royal Irrigation Department is planning the construction of a reservoir at the moment. This water plant will operate 500 cubic meters per hour or 12,000 cubic meters per day. This reservoir project will cost around 220 million baht, its now in the process of design and should be finish within 1 year.”

Mr. Pichai V. also said “Both projects will be able to support the use of water until 2027, when combined with the 4 existing water plants in Phuket the island will be able to operate up to 112,000 cubic meters per day, enough to use in the future and will not cause fear of a water shortage.”


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