30,000 people were in the big event at Promtape Cape, Phuket yesterday

30 October 2009 – Yesterday evening, there was almost 30,000 people at Promthep Cape to join the event “Thai Samakkhi Thai Kem Kheng”, when Thai people were invited to sing the national anthem together.

Led by Phuket Governor Vicai Praisa-ngob, the event started with signing the blessing for His Majesty The King activity in the afternoon around 3.30pm. There were more and more people travel to the venue as the clock ticked away. People enjoyed various performances up there from “King of King, to a contemporary dance to honour Phuket’s two heroines, continued with a chapter of Thai classic masked play called “Khon” and some folk dances.

When the time is come, at 6 o’clock people showed the power of the unity sang the anthem and some important songs together. The event has brought another beautiful scene to happen at Promtheep Cape once again.


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