2nd group of Tourist Police volunteers trained in Phuket

On April 2nd, 2010, at Phuket Merlin Hotel, Chaiwat Thepi, a vice governor of Phuket, presided over training to develop a second group of tourist police volunteers’ following the tourist assistants’ policy of the Tourist Police. There were many Thai and foreign volunteers attending the training.

Pol. Lt. Col. Akachai Pramanakul, Head of Phuket Tourist Police, said that a lot of tourists from different parts of the world have come to Phuket because the island was famous for its beautiful scenery; therefore it’s important that Tourist Police must train more volunteers to help tourist police assist foreigners when they need help in Phuket.

The volunteers must be honest and have a good willingness to help people. This will impress foreigners and attract them to come to visit Phuket again.


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