17 houses for Hinlukdeaw’s fire victims will be ready to move in within November

22 Oct 2009 – Phuket Governor Vichai Prasa-ngob yesterday (21/10/09) chaired the meeting between related officers involving houses construction for Hinlukdeaw’s fire victims.

The topic of the meeting is about the construction progress, more monetary support need,  installation of electricity poles, and village bridge construction.

Governor Vichai revealed the construction of the total 17 houses have already finished and the the contractor is now continue on the electricity, the plumbing and piping systems. It is believed that everything will be ready for villagers to move in about at the beginning of November.

Phuket Province will manage to have a ceremony to present the Certificate of honor to the dedicated supporter especially to teachers and students of Technical College Phuket and Local Administrative Organisation.

The Hinlikdeaw’s 17 houses project which requires 2,890,000 baht for construction, got money support from Phuket PAO and Maikhao LAO 680,000 each, 510,000 baht from Phuket Province of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, 510,000 baht from Province of Social Department and Human Security, and the rest 969,000 baht from Phuket Province.


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