Mr. Madhurjya Borah, an expert coach in triathlon and swimming

Mr. Madhurjya Borah, an expert coach in triathlon and swimming

Like all great coaches Mr. Madhurjya Borah has excelled in the sports he loves, including Ironman podium finishes, national swim champion titles and national triathlon titles in India. Madhurjya is joining Thanyapura coaching staff with additional experience in sports event management and fitness training management.

Mr. Madhurjya Borah

Because Thanyapura loves the whole community to get involved in health and sports, it is highly pleasing to note that Madhurjya will be able to train athletes both young and old, experienced and amateur, with his prior experience coaching children’s classes in swimming and fitness. It always pays dividends when we here at Thanyapura can find coaches who have a personal touch, who can help train you but also who can talk to you and help you figure out challenges with technique or with motivation, or with self-discipline and self-management, and those are skills and friendly expertise abilities that Madhurjya will be bringing to the coaching team at Thanyapura.

Madhurjya is a charismatic, young, very fit, very talented, and cheerful guy to hang out with, and that’s the enthusiastic sort of personality we think is vital in a coach who sees their role more than a technical scientific leader, but rather more of a motivating, caring, and generous spirited team player, the type of people we like to attract to our profession crew at Thanyapura.

The idea we like to promote, which Madhurjya embodies in his personal approach and his professional skills, is that you are not really your best until you have broken through technique and fitness into the arena of enjoyment and thrill of competition or play. And yes, to those who are not so familiar with triathlons, while it may seem gruelling, the natural adrenalin high of challenging yourself is in fact a thrilling and joyful thing to appreciate in life. And our coaches, like Madhurjya, will help you discover this intoxication and exuberance that comes with pushing yourself to new highs of achievement. Welcome on board, coach Madhurjya!


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