Dr. Maytinee Pajongrak, joined the medical specialist team at Thanyapura in December 2018

Dr. Maytinee Pajongrak, joined the medical specialist team at Thanyapura in December 2018

Dr. Maytinee, a graduate of the medical program from Chulalongkorn University, will be a valuable professional addition to our aesthetics and anti-aging health & well-ness team. She will now be helping Thanyapura to deliver quality services in her speciality, with certification by the American board of anti-aging (ABAARM). She wil also bring her experience with intravenous nutrition, ozone treatment, hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, and opthalmology.

Dr. Maytinee Pajongrak

It is an important part of our vision at Thanyapura to provide a fully integrated health and fitness service for our guests and clients, and that is why Dr. Maytinee will become an important part of our team. At Thanyapura, we focus on the whole individual, it is vital for us to build up expertise in not only technical medicine, but personalized health and delivery of medical services that cater not only to the direct physical needs of our clients, but their overall quality of life as well. These are good reasons why a young and talented physician like Dr. Maytinee is highly valued at Thanyapura. She combines academic training with a love of life and of people. We may even get to see Dr. Maytinee out on a bike cycling or diving into our Olympic pool for a swimming session.

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine is increasingly important in our world, as life spans increase and people increasingly find time to devote to personal happiness. Part of this is seeking guidance from professionals who know how to take care of you and who can recommend therapies appropriate to your needs and desires. Dr. Maytinee is well placed with her background training in anti-aging, opthalmology, nutritional wellness, chelation and cell therapies, to really add great value to the health services Thanyapura offers. Our guests and clients will also find Dr. Maytinee to be very friendly and supportive with her knowledgeable and holistic approach to treatment.

Dr. Maytinee spoke recently at Thanypaura saying, “I firmly believes that looking and feeling healthy is far more important than looking young, I would like to be part of the team to create tangible results, the kind of happiness you can feel from inside out.” Dr. Maytinee also expressed her hopes for adding value to Thanyapura medical services, referring to the current festive season, “There is no better time to start working for a company than the time of joy,


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