Thai business development company group: Accomplish condominium projects ahead of schedule

Thai business development company group: Accomplish condominium projects ahead of schedule

2019 is a very productive year for Thai Business Development Company group, a Phuket-based construction developer, the main feature of which is the completion all of their projects ahead of schedule, high quality of construction standards and bestselling room layouts.

This year the developer completed construction of its significant signature project “Maikhao Beach Condotel” (346 units). Completion was supported by inspection of Maikhao Municipality officials and issuing of “O-6 Certificate” signed by the Mayor of Maikhao Sub-District on the 22nd of February 2019, which proves that the building is completed and ready for owners to move-in. As usual TBD group has done this ahead of schedule in February 2019 instead of May 2019 as per stated in our contract. It is now ready to move-in: our units are furnished, our restaurant, café, bar, massage & spa are all ready for opening and preparing for operation. Our tropical garden landscape and our many swimming pools are also completed. “MBC Condotel” Grand Opening ceremony will be held on the 19th of May 2019.

Together with this, TBD Group announce the early start of it’s two new projects: “777 Beach Condo” (820 units) located at Maikhao Beach area and “Rawai Beach Condominium” (100 units) in Rawai sub-district close to Yanui beach and Naiharn beach. Both projects passed EIA approval in Bangkok and a construction permit is planned to be issued in May 2019. Construction of both projects will start in June-July 2019.

The Important advantage of “777 Beach Condo” is just like our “MBC Condotel” it has a status of “Commercial condominium with a hotel/residential purpose” which means that it was designed in accordance with all hotel standards with less than 30% of the land used for the building and 70% land area is a green common area. It can apply for a hotel license and operate rentals on a daily basis as a hotel which makes the project more attractive as an investment. As usual the developer pays big attention to rich hotel facilities, multiple swimming pools and extensive tropical gardening.

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