Team-building Activities Enhance a Conference in Phuket

Team-building Activities Enhance a Conference in Phuket

Phuket is a magnificent place to hold a corporate conference. With many hotels in Phuket having modern conference facilities and experienced staff that can help organize things, the island is becoming many companie’s favorite conference destination.

However, many company employees who’ve been tasked with helping organize a conference are inexperienced when it comes to planning activities outside of their company’s meetings and seminars. When the official parts of the conference are not in session, attendees are left to lie on the beach or go sightseeing. The company is missing a fun and rewarding opportunity to build cohesion and communication within the team.

The Importance of Team Building

Team-building is becoming a growing and popular trend in corporate culture. It can increase collaboration between employees and build communication skills and trust across departments and teams. Planning fun and rewarding team-building activities in a stunning tropical environment also boosts morale and satisfaction in the workplace. It can make the employees happy and proud to be part of the company team.

Enjoying a team-building activity can also cause people to open up and get to know each other better. They may find they have more things in common and work together more closely when they are back in the workplace.

Team building activities also provide a healthy and beneficial break during a conference. It can fill up the day with activities that are just as beneficial as learning new skills or information in a seminar.

Team Building Activities in Phuket

A corporate conference held in Phuket is a natural setting for team building activities. Being flown to a beautiful and exotic tropical island at the company’s expense can begin to boost morale before the conference has even started.

Team building activities in the tropical environment of Phuket also create memories that the entire team can share. This aspect alone helps the team become closer and more cooperative and encourages everyone to work towards a common goal.

Hold Your Next Team Building Activities at Andananda Phuket

Andananda Phuket is an exciting water park in Phuket that offers thrilling rides and slides, multiple pools, enchanting caverns, and a wide beach, perfect for team-building activities, plus private cabanas, and a variety of cafes and restaurants.

It’s a single, contained area where your employees can enjoy themselves in the sun while building lasting bonds that benefit the company. Andananda Phuket is also partnered with the InterContinental Phuket Resort, a luxury resort hotel in Phuket that has spacious conference facilities and experienced event staff.

Why not plan your next corporate conference on the beautiful tropical island of Phuket? With modern facilities, infrastructure and a convenient international airport, Phuket can provide everything needed for a productive, beneficial and fun corporate conference.

Look into the proven benefits of team building for your employees and treat them to a few days of seminars, meetings and team building activities in beautiful and exotic Phuket, Thailand.


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